All of our tablets come with a 1 year warranty with us, where if there is any fault covered by the warranty that occurs with the product within the 1 year period the product can be returned to DidoBuy.com where we will assume an obligation to fix it.
Note: If you made the purchase between 30th Nov and 31th Dec 2014,the refund policy can be extended to 15th Jan 2015.


So what is covered?

The following list covers everything that DidoBuy.coms’ warranty on tablets covers.

Any hardware component supplied with the tablet, including the tablet itself, which ceases to function as described on our website or incurs a fault.

Any tablet that won’t turn on

Any tablet that won’t charge

Any tablet that fails to run the operating system or any part of the pre-installed Android OS version

The camera/cameras

The peripheral sockets

Any buttons that fail to respond

Any connectivity element pre-installed on the tablet (Bluetooth, wifi)

Any functional aspect pre-installed (G-sensor, 3D graphics, HD etc)

The screens functionality (multi touch)

Any fault with the supplied charger

Any total battery life below an acceptable level, subject to the model of tablet (usually less than 1 hour)


Our warranty also covers software, including:

The Android OS version that was pre-installed

Any pre-installed software that now ceases to function (Flash, web browsers, file management)



To clarify some common misconceptions with our warranty the following items are not covered:

Any screen damage

Any apps that cease to function

Any software upgraded by the user

Any software installed/downloaded by the user

Any updated versions of the OS installed on the tablet

Any decay of battery life over time, within reason. (We advise that tablets that drain their batteries in under 1 hour are considered to be faulty and will be fixed by DidoBuy.com)

Any damage to or the condition of the box the product/products where delivered in

Any peripherals used in connection with the device that were not supplied by DidoBuy.com

The functionality or connectivity of any peripherals with the tablet that were not endorsed by DidoBuy.com or supplied by Didobuy.com or reported to be compatible with the tablet by DidoBuy.com

Any considered as a consumable item such as battery, charger, USB cable or headset will have 3 months warranty.



We DO NOT root our tablets and they DO NOT come rooted. Please be aware that although rooting carries a fairly low risk, if you have a problem with your tablets' software or hardware after rooting it we reserve the right to decide whether we take responsability over the fault.

Put simply, if you root a tablet from us and then there is a problem with the wifi for example, we will try and fix it for you but we will not pay for the repair and if we fail to fix it we will most likely not offer an exchange or refund and will simply send the tablet back to you.



 If your tablet occurs a fault under the warranty as stated above please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to fix the problem


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