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  • #TravelTuesday The Top Four Items You Need For Surviving A Long Haul Flight


    Flying on a plane is meant to be an exciting adventure, yet at times it can feel a little frustrating and long, so that's why it's important to have comforts that remind you of home and to make the journey a little more comfortable.

    We all know the struggles that present us when it comes to hygiene whilst on a long haul flight, so packing a spare set of clothes in your carry on is an absolute essential, yet when it comes to liquids we are limited to what we can take on the plane.

    To feel fresher on the plane it's always handy to keep a few travel friendly pots so you can store your favourite face wash and cream. These travel bottles can also hold shampoo and conditioner so once you are off the plane you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the essentials and don't have to find a nearby convenience store to buy some.

    Airplanes tend to vary in temperature and depending on the flight the fan heaters don't provide enough air, if this is the case don't forget to pack this mini portable fan as this will keep you cool and is convenient to carry due to it's size.

    Staying connected is an important part of the journey, you may want to share your experience or touch base with a loved one, whatever the case making sure that you have the correct USB port is essential.

    Lastly although it can seem that the journey may never end try and enjoy the experience, look to the side of you and connect with a fellow passenger, make sure to have regular walking breaks around the plane to keep your circulation in check and be conscious of what you consume on the plane - alcohol and fast food can sometimes lead to being ill and overall delay of 'getting over' the jetlag.

    Stay tuned for more #TravelTuesday posts coming soon. If you want to shop any of the products mentioned in todays blog post or browse our wide variety of products then please visit www.didobuy.com.

  • Introducing The Top Three Best Smart Watches

    With our ever expanding fast paced lifestyle, keeping on top of our do-lists, calendar and fitness routines are more important than ever. Luckily we don't have to solely rely on pen and paper to keep track, I mean why would you when you can have it at the touch of your fingertips?

    Our smart watch range offers reliability and digital touch technology to keep you constantly connected on the go. Here are our top three picks;

    QS50 Bluetooth Fitness Tracker £23.99 /  ZS107 Smart Band/Fitness Tracker £16.99 / Fitness Tracker Wristband Running Smartband £19.99

    To shop all products and see more of our Smart Watch range please visit www.didobuy.com.

  • #NationalPuppyDay New Puppy Owner Checklist - Top Tips

    Getting a puppy for the first time is an exciting time but it can also be a little daunting. As today is #NationalPuppyDay we want to share our top tips for welcoming a new addition to your family.

    Get all the essentials

    Besides from the injections and care cover that comes with owning a dog you need to make sure you have all the essentials such as a dog bed, kennel, bowls and food. You will then need to have a collar and harness for safe passage when you can take your dog out for walkies. Take a look at this range of collars and harnesses here.

    Feeling at home

    When introducing the puppy to your home for the first time make sure the environment is nice and calm so they feel safe. Let them walk around, sniff the home yet you have to be quite strict with areas of the home you don't want them to go. A great way to make them feel comfortable is introducing them to their dog bed, let them 'get' their scent on it and encourage them to lie in the bed for a while and stroke them so they feel safe and loved.


    Playtime is a crucial for introducing boundaries and gaining trust with your new puppy. Get a range of toys and play together.


    Training a puppy can be quite challenging but remember to always be calm and patient. The process of training your puppy can be frustrating for you and the puppy at times. Give clear commands, assert your voice tone so it sounds serious and have the correct stance so they know that this is not playtime, it's time to listen. There are great resources on the RSPCA website so we encourage you to take a look at the site.


    Grooming your puppy is considered as an important bonding stage so it's best to approach grooming time with a positive approach, never get into the habit of rushed timing to groom or make the puppy feel threatened. The use of soft tools for grooming helps this situation for the better and we would encourage you to invest in this Groomer Brush.

    Final thoughts

    It is a privilege and great honour to own a puppy that will eventually grow up to be a proud dog and a crucial member of the family for many years to come, so please do evaluate that you have the space, the time and love to give a dog before purchasing one. For more information please visit the RSPCA website.

  • Novelty Items For Your Desk

    Our desk can at times feel like a chain locking us into place and all we do is work, work work.

    But where is the fun in that? It's time to take control back of our working desks and add a little excitement to them.

    Firstly let's start with a new desk...


    Nothing says a fresh start more than with a new desk- take a look at our range of desk options here and have the choice between a standalone desk or a versatile one that you can move around.

    And now for the fun stuff...

    Personalise your desk with these little gadgets, guaranteed to brighten up your day and give you a break for five minutes or so.


    DIY Building Block Mug SALE £6.99 / Fiddle Cube £6.99 / 32GB Transformers Robot Dog USB Memory Stick £8.99







    What are your tips for keeping your desk motivational? What are your go to products? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DidoBuy. To shop everything mentioned in this blog post please visit www.didobuy.com.
  • Want The Best Headphones For Under £20? We've Got Them!


    Want to listen to your favourite music on the go but find your headphone wires get in the way?Not with these you won't  

    These stunning Headphones are wireless and compact for travel or for use at home when you don't want any wires in your way. As these headphones are foldable it makes them ideal for use on the go and whilst commuting, with easy to use button functions on the side of the headphones makes skipping a song or turning the volume up and down incredibly easy all with a touch of a finger. Find out more here about the range and watch our exclusive YouTube Video here.

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